Catechesis of the Good Shepherd



Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Coordinator and pastor.

Purpose of Ministry

Present the essential truths and teachings of our faith to the children in a manner faithful to the tradition of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Participant Group

Activities and Responsibilities:

  1. To prepare the environment and to make presentations that “call forth” the child’s response.
  2. To prepare the catechetical material and maintain order so as to foster concentration, silence and contemplation.
  3. Personally prepare album pages (presentation guidelines)
  4. Assist in maintenance of the Atrium
  5. Assist with and attend catechist meetings
  6. Assist with and attend parent meetings
  7. Maintain records for each child that include attendance, presentations seen and observations/responses
  8. Provide adequate notice to the other catechist if unable to perform their tasks for a given session and arrange a replacement
  9. Notify the coordinator as soon as possible if unable to perform their duties over a longer term
  10. There are at least two catechists, always the same persons with each group of children during each session
  11. Must have knowledge of and implement correct procedures as described in “Volunteer Guidelines” if there is any suspected neglect or abuse of a member of the program

Skills and qualifications Required

  1. Baptized, practicing Catholic
  2. Minimum Level 1: Foundations Course required for the child 3 – 6 yrs
  3. Level II course required for the child 6 – 9; prerequisite is Level 1
  4. Level III course required for the child 9 – 12; prerequisite is level II
    (These courses are offered jointly by the University of St. Michael’s College and the Archdiocese of Toronto Catholic Office of Religious Education)
  5. The newly formed catechist will mentor or team with another more experienced catechist
  6. Displays an attitude of humility before the child so as to respect the personality of the child. The child, particularly the religious life of the child, is central to the interest and commitment of the catechist.
  7. Is able to work with other catechists in a spirit of unity and harmony and generously offer their talents and experiences for the good of all.
  8. Requires a deep sense of spirituality with an ongoing desire for a growing faith life and nourishment of the same.

Time Commitment

Once per week from early October to Pentecost Sunday.
4 ½ hrs per week. (2 hours of preparation time, up to 2 hours of Atrium session and ½ hour clean –up and record keeping each week)

Duration Commitment

3 year term renewable


Ongoing by pairing with or mentoring with an experienced catechist where possible.
Diocesan workshops.
Quarterly Catechist meetings.


  1. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd – Coordinator
  2. Good Shepherd Catechesis Office, Catholic Pastoral Centre 416-934-3400,
  3. Pastor.


Visits by Coordinator, Buddy System

Catechist Evaluation

Weekly between the two catechists working together.
Quarterly catechist meetings
Annual Volunteer Feedback & Review by Atrium Coordinator.

Participant Follow up

Participant Follow-up Report (parent survey) bi-annual
Parent Meetings – bi-annual


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